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Our family brings you hand-picked organic herbs and elixirs. Enriched in ancient Irish soil, allow our ancient remedies to traverse your inner-self for a brighter tomorrow.

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Just as nature intended, the ingredients across our product ranges are certified organic.


Use our organic Irish herbs in your journey to become a healthier, better you. Start putting the right things in your body.


Our love, passion and dedication to finding the best, most beneficial herbs on Earth can be felt with every drop.

Ancient Woods of Wexford

Our herbs are predominantly hand-picked from the various ancient woods of Wexford, Ireland. The herbs that we select have been nourished for their entire lifespan by the rich ancient soil found in these woodlands, allowing the herb to reach its full potential as a nutritional elixir.

The Raven Woods, Killanne Woods and Blackstairs Mountains are all bursting with majestic beauty, rich soil and natural herbs. That is why Byrne’s Organics has chosen these locations as our main focus of herb gathering.

The ecosystems in these woodlands have thrived for Thousands of years, lets reconnect with the natural wonders found in these beautiful woodlands.

Wexford woods waterfall

Irish Mushroom Tinctures

Our current selection of Irish mushroom tinctures include:

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tinctures
Polypore Mushroom Tinctures
Artist’s Conk Mushroom Tinctures

These particular mushrooms have been chosen for both their abundance in Ireland as well as their numerous proposed health benefits.

We utilize optimal extraction methods for each mushroom to ensure every last drop of goodness is put into each of our mushroom tinctures.

The healing potential of these mushrooms has been well documented, browse our selection to see which mushroom tincture works best for you.

Mushroom Tinctures

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